Alexander the Great


Alexander The Great is a Drag King from Austin, TX known for his aerial & acrobatic style. He is a co-producer & member of Boiz Of Austin, a King troupe.

I am working on organizing my first European tour.. And that means I'm coming for you Bristol, as well as Brighton, and hopefully a few other amazing places! I have worked and dreamt my entire life about being able to see the world while performing. I've experienced life changing loss, and I realize the importance of fulfilling your dreams and your purpose. 

I would be so honored to have your help in fulfilling my dream of organizing my first European tour. I do my absolute best to give back to the community (my Trevor Project Fundraiser, monthly fundraising for non-profits with the Boiz of Austin) and I would love to perform again overseas to bring my unique style of performance and activism.

I believe we change the world through art. If you would like to support me in my dream, please let me know or I am always grateful for contributions to my PayPal.

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